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El color de la suerte para piscis hoy jueves 8 de noviembre del es el color Negro.

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No debemos apegarnos a lo malo que ha ocurrido en el pasado, usa los recuerdos para aprender, pero no los traigas a la vida nuevamente ni tampoco repitas los mismos episodios en el presente. Las estrellas te dicen muchas cosas, como tu humor, sentimientos, salud y mas. Amor: Para poder trabajar con el amor de tu vida debes conocerlo muy bien.

Capricornio: Esta en el despacho del director. Western Australia, Australia Lo del SEO Negativo es una broma. He dicho que son amor, el amor mismo. Piscis Horoscopo de Hoy: Del 20 de Febrero al 20 de Marzo Hoy debes de hacer cambios en tu hogar y sacar todo lo que ya no utilizas, por las puras guardas tantas cosas que solo ocupan espacio. Horoscopo Piscis de amor de Hoy gratis. No decaiga, si sabe que este es su Presente, su Futuro y su Camino, no se aleje de su sendero de luz.

Encuentra todo sobre el horoscopo diario de Piscis gratis en Horoscopo. Te mostramos el lado oscuro de tu signo del zodiaco. Deseos de los que no se cuentan? Fecha del signo: 20 de febrero al 20 de marzo. Mira tu Horoscopo de hoy ahora mismo! En HoroscopoHoy. Consultas, solicitudes y apremios llegan a UD. Buena oportunidad para saldar deudas y conseguir nuevas oportunidades de ayuda. Piscis no haya nada para ti como el amor. Cada individuo debe renacer constantemente en los distintos signos para evolucionar mediante las vivencias que cada uno le aporta.

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Piscis el signo de las virtudes. Debe hoy mismo proponerse un cambio profundo, y precisamente hoy es el mejor momento para comenzar. Create an environment where you feel loved, supported and nurtured. Surround yourself with soothing colours and healing crystals. Sometimes, listening to your favourite song in the midst of a chaotic work day is all it takes to make that shift.

Virgo: up the social media game. Remember to be watchful of the ideas that are coming through you at this point. Receptivity is the key to finding creative solutions to your problems. The only way out is in, Libra. Multiple sources of income are opening up for you. Plus, the opportunity to express yourself through a different medium. How you learn to balance the two sides of you will make all the difference.


Remember, finding that work-life balance is just as important. Giving yourself an adequate amount of me-time could be the secret to being your most productive self. Forgiveness heals.

Forgiveness frees. Forgiveness makes space for good chi. You will write this letter in your own handwriting. It is not about writing it in a hurry, because you will have to remember events and details and that will take several days. With this letter you free yourself of all that you may be inheriting from your ancestors, family and people around you and that are affecting you today in your present. With my awakened Spirit I bless my family and I forgive them. I release my family and I get rid of them.

I free myself and release my great-great-grandparents, my uncles great-great-grandparents, my great-grandparents, my uncles great-grandparents, my grandparents, my great-uncles, my parents, my uncles, my cousins, my brothers, my children even if you do not have them , to friends or enemies of the family, to my friends or enemies, to every person around me and to any person who has ever been with me, of all the unconscious programs that have been inherited.

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I release them and I also release myself from any offense that another family or another person has received from my family or from my person, and I apologize to everyone, on behalf of the one who has offended on behalf of my family. Today I release and release all my family and acquaintances, memories of economic loss, conflicts by inheritance, waste, murder, sudden or violent death, suicide, mental illness, physical illness, accidents, rape, touching, adultery, abortion, children unwanted, unborn children, unrecognized children, abandoned children, incest, abandonment, cruelties, beatings, physical violence, emotional violence, infidelity, deceit, betrayal, bad luck in love, curses, uprooting, lack of love, forced labor, slavery , wars, undisclosed secrets, memories of pain, sadness and tears, and of everything that is a shame or a limitation.

Today I release and release all my family and acquaintances, everything that has affected the members of my family and other families, at other times and generations, so that these memories, no longer continue to be inherited through me. So that they are no longer perpetuated in my person or in the generations to come. Today I am free of being a double of my uncle Juan and of inheriting his illnesses. Today I free myself from the mistreatment of my father and his alcoholism.

Today I get rid of my mother, her submissive nature and her diabetes. Today I release my daughter Sara from being a double of my aunt Michelle and being like her or getting sick like her.

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Today I cut all ties with those memories and I free myself from all the burdens that do not correspond to me. For my good and the good of everyone involved. Today I thank the flame of my Spirit for helping me in this liberation. Today I know that I am free and I am free forever. Thank you , thank you, thank you! When you have finished your letter, prepare a day and a special time to read and burn it.

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You can light, candles or incense to accompany you if you prefer. You can burn, photographs of family members or photocopies of them, if you have them. You can burn, any object that represent those people or something that reminds you of them. So do not be afraid to burn photos or objects. When the day and the moment arrive, you read your complete letter, aloud, slowly, so that your unconscious captures everything you are releasing.